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ACJ Action - BlackTransLivesPA

  • Allegheny County Jail 950 Second Avenue Pittsburgh, PA, 15219 United States (map)

For nearly a decade Allegheny County Jail has been in existence. Since its inception it has been a cesspool of danger for our black Transgender and Nonbinary communities of Pittsburgh. Allegheny County Jail Warden Orlando Harper has not only been accused of turning a blind eye to sexual harassment but still has not brought the jail into compliance with federal law meant to prevent sexual assault and harassment.

Transwomen behind bars are not only sexually assaulted, harassed and treated poorly by staff, but housed within the Cisgender Male Population putting this already targeted and murdered community in harm's way. Transwomen get put in solitary confinement for their “safety” which is a torture method used to segregate inmates that are causing disruption. How is putting transwomen in solitary confinement safe?

Transwomen 9 times out 10 end up within the prison system because of having to survive within a society that is not fully equipped to serve the trans community equally and in Pennsylvania, it is still legal to discriminate against this community for employment. Trans people are demonized even when victimized and forced to protect our lives while also punished for fighting for our lives!!

We Come together in solidarity too not only lift our sexually assaulted, murdered, erased, raped and forgotten transwomen of color in Pittsburgh currently housed in Allegheny County Jail up but also our transwomen around the country suffering from the heinous and blatant transphobic attacks protected within the justice system! #MeToo#BlackTransLivesMatterPGH #TrustBlackTransWomen

Organizers: SisTers PGHBLaQK OPS


1. Allow SisTers PGH to be a direct contact for transgender and nonbinary people housed within ACJ so we are sure they are safe and not afraid or intimidated to leave complaints with ACJ staff!
2. Bring the jail to compliance according to Federal Law to prevent sexual assault and harassment!
3. Creating Pod’s to house specifically Transgender and Nonbinary People and/or Housing them as their preferred gender.
4. Fire Warden Orlando Harper for his blatant anti queer tactics and cover up of the sexual and physical abuse and torture that happens within ACJ
5. Produce written complaints from transgender inmates to the Public
6. We ask the state do a thorough investigation on Allegheny County Jails procedures and incidents concerning transgender people behind bars within Allegheny county Jail.
7. Making Hormones and accurate medicines accessible to transgender people
8. Thorough sensitivity trainings for all the guards and staff at ACJ