Trans and non-binary people of color face many barriers to accessing the resources they need for success. As a black, trans-led organization, SisTersPGH is uniquely situated to help trans and non-binary people in Allegheny County find the resources they need to thrive.

“I was hustling these streets and navigating with my sisters in Pittsburgh in my era. It spoke to me. Yeah, I could have walked away and moved. I could have not been doing this work. But it’s me. It’s who I am. Seeing my sisters and brothers and gender non-conforming folk have a place of their own, where they can make the rules, where they can cook their own food and have their own responsibilities, that’s where it’s at for me.”
— Ciora Thomas, SisTersPGH

What We've Achieved

  • Lead organizer for People’s Pride 2017 and 2018

  • Our founder and president, Ciora Thomas, was chosen to serve on Governor Wolf’s LGBTQ Advisory Board

  • Worked with Wilkinsburg School District on gender inclusivity training

  • Lead a demonstration against abominable treatment of transgender inmates at Allegheny County Jail