SisTersPGH supports the trans and non-binary community through a variety of programs.

As of 12/20/19:

Organize and Empower Trans Leadership 
As an organisation founded and directed by black transwomen it is within our core values to uplift and support trans leadership of color. We welcome our trans community to join our Leadership and Advocacy teams built within SisTersPGH. These teams organize, rally, march, support our partners, resist, fundraise, and build community geared towards demarginalization and revitalization of the trans communities.

People’s Pride 
"Therefore, we march as an act of resistance, with focus on the most marginalized LGBTQIA community of Pittsburgh, its black and brown trans people. 

We march to include local nonprofits, unions and community members!
We march to oppose to white-, cis-, gay-centered pride parade and extravagant parties which are too expensive for many non-profits and communities to participate in!
We march as led by black and brown and trans leaders and community members, to bring attention to compulsatory tokenization of black and brown and trans populations which meets their quotas and increases their ability to secure grants!
We march alongside the disabled, the elderly, veterans, and other vulnerable and marginalized people! "

We march to offer another opportunity to feel what being at a true Pittsburgh Pride is like! People’s Pride will set an example, and appoint black and brown and trans professionals who prioritize the most marginalized LGBTQIA+ populations, and who are concerned for the health and well-being of our local communities."

Case Management 
SisTersPGH offers case management for transgender and non-binary communities of Western Pennsylvania which includes 1-on-1 and group sessions that aids in dealing with mental health, dysphoria, homelessness, and housing barriers.

Self Sufficiency (food, toiletries, etc)
SisTersPGH offers fresh and healthy groceries and toiletries to our clients in need of these items while homeless and/or housed within our temporary shelter and/or bed spaces.

Emergency Relocation Assistance + Temporary Housing
SisTersPGH Host Home program places our trans and non-binary clients within a trusted home they are able to utilize full amenities of home while searching for employment, education and permanent housing sisTers assist with acquiring.

Rental Assistance 
SisTersPGH offers 1st months rent and/or security deposit support for clients ready to transition into permanent housing.

Employment and Education 
SisTersPGH supports clients in GED prep, resume building, employment searches, and acquirement of employment!

The T (TRANSportation Services)
SisTersPGH offers transportation for clients in need whether to a interview, appointment, and/or an emergency shelter or bed.

Cooking Lessons
SisTersPGH offers cooking lessons to prepare our clients for independence within there own space.